Svetlana Gulotta is a vibrant and inquisitive Russian-American artist, graphic designer, web designer, front end developer, an author, and a mother of two. Living most of her life in Southern California, Svetlana was inspired by the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship, advocating for freedom of self-expression and small business development. Her core values of freedom in pursuit of happiness were the main reason for her immigration to the United States of America from Moscow, Russia, during the devastation of the post-Perestroika economic depression that left newly graduated from Moscow State University of Service, BA in Industrial Design, Svetlana with little choices for achieving economic freedom in her motherland.

Svetlana tried hard to make a living as an artist in the United States, but becoming a first time mother, in poverty, in uncertainty of immigration, and with no help, she turned to practical ways of earning money to raise her first child, such as waitressing and car sales. Her destiny was punctured with personal tragedies, such as two failed marriages, which left her to care for her children alone without any stable source of income. Nevertheless, Svetlana managed to go to college to master her English skills and to find a suitable profession. After many trials, she found interest in programming, and she started her journey towards BS in Computer Science. Currently, Svetlana is a transfer student to CalState Channel Islands, Computer Science Software Engineering. Svetlana taught herself web design and development to make websites for small businesses. In addition, Svetlana mastered Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in order to add her own graphics to the websites and Social Media.

Svetlana’s interest in writing and translating poetry from Russian into English was inspired by her liberal arts teachers at several community colleges of Los Angeles. Her History essay about the influence of the nuclear weapons race on the popular culture was highly regarded by her professor, and she decided to write whenever she had little time besides raising her children and gigging out to pay her bills. Svetlana is a living proof of the fact that the spirit of the American Dream is still alive, although only “immigrants and fools still believe in it”, as one comedian put it.