Ah Astahova

Irina Astahova, stage name Ah Astahova, is a contemporary performing Russian poet. Her poems vibe and flow so perfectly that they almost sound like songs. I tried my best to preserve the beats, the rhythms, and the moods of her poems in my translations. Here is her performance of "Advice" in Rissian language. Please take it and be well.

Translation by Svetlana Gulotta
Deducated to my daughter Marcie

Take my advice: under any frustration
Look as a person with peace in your heart.
This is your chance to escape obligation
Explaining to others what things fell apart.

Be friendly, well-wishing, stress-strong, unpretentious,
Read more...and then undeniably so
Your thoughts and your words will become conscientious,
Fulfilled with the meaning, again...read more.

Don’t judge and don’t harbor malicious intentions,
Remember the truth: never live in the past.
Your age, as it is in your identification,
Is nothing--in the age of your soul you trust.

And then, in your life you will find salvation,
Anxiety-less...and just for the start,
Always stand tall under any frustration
Because you’re the person with peace in your heart.


This poem about choosing a soulmate stroke me deeply. Being too practical with choosing our soulmates may not be a good idea.

You choose your woman using just sheer reason,
Not listening to your heart and voice of soul.
I’m terrified by such a blatant treason,
How people can commit such crimes at all…

She has to be in shape and be compliant,
She has to be precise in what she says,
Her hair has to perfectly define
Her perfect face in proper well-groomed ways.

She always wakes up early at the sunrise,
Prepares morning tea and waters plants,
Your etiquettes she exercises fine
At any time according to your plans.

But such a woman won’t run barefooted
Through snow just to freeze by your locked gate,
She will not soak in rain dancely poured
At the bus stop to get faster to her fate.

She will not knock your door when night gets deeper,
Because she cannot breathe without you,
And she won’t get so strict with you when needed,
And she won’t get so motherly with you.

Just like a cheap bouquet that’s out of season,
Your plans and budgets don’t impress me much
When you pick women for your life with reason,
Same reason you are choosing what’s for lunch.


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