Aleksandr Pushkin, Portrait by Orest Kiprensky, 1827

One of my favorite short poems of Pushkin was featured in the intro of the Russia TV show "Ochevidnoe Neveroyatnoe"( Obvious Unbelievable ). I as a child I could not wait for the weekly show hosted by world renowned physicist S. P. Kapitsa. Here is the 70s video of the show intro, I hope you will enjoy it as I did.

Translation by Svetlana Gulotta

Oh how many awesome revelations
The spirit of Enlightenment has for us,
And Skill, the son of failures’ execrations,
And Genius, the friend of Paradox,
And Chance, the god of the inventors…

I translated this melancholic poem because, just like Pushking, I am prone to anxiety and depression. However, I learned how to grow and thrive even in darkness.

Amongst depressive storms I was matured,
The current of my days was long and turbid,
Is now pacified with naps, so short and morbid,
And it reflects the heavenly azure.

But how long? It seems it’s all in past
Dark stormy days, days poisoned with temptations…

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